The Top Louisville and Lexington Catering Delivery Service

Did you know that, in addition to ordering meals and groceries from Takeout Taxi, you can also place catering orders? Takeout Taxi delivers group meals and drop off catering from one or multiple restaurants in the Louisville, Lexington and Southern Indiana areas. Catering doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. Many people get intimidated by the responsibility of securing food for large groups of people and making sure it shows up on time, unspoiled and exactly as ordered.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Let Takeout Taxi worry about those things for you. We save you the hassle of having to pick up large, cumbersome orders and transport them back to your office or location of your company’s big event. We can even travel to multiple restaurants, letting you pick the food you really want rather than the food that’s most conveniently located.

Feed Large Groups With Our Catering Delivery

Order trays or individual plates for any number of eaters. Whether you’re feeding five people or 50, we can help you figure out the right amount of food to order. Our catering delivery service in Louisville and Lexington offers a wide variety of dining choices, including:

We even provide breakfast options for companies that want to make their catering stand out. Get a full selection of delicious meats, eggs and pastries, or you can offer coffee and coffee cake for a morning event that will have people talking hours after the last crumbs have been wiped from their shirts.

Need Last-Minute Catering? No Problem

We specialize in FAST catering delivered in 90 minutes for 10 to 60 people. Most restaurants require at least 24 hours’ notice for a catering order that big. But because Takeout Taxi has a special relationship with the many restaurants we service, we’re able to cut that time down to just over an hour.

These exceptional establishments have the kitchen capacity to fill your order exactly the way you want it in no time at all. California Pizza Kitchen, Chuys, Zoe’s Kitchen and Chili’s are among the restaurants with the fastest catering turnaround.

Ordering through Takeout Taxi is easy. You can use our online ordering system or download our mobile app for an even more convenient option. You may also want to consult our catering specialist, who can advise you on what to choose for your catering needs and which restaurants might be the best fit for your event.

You need your event to run perfectly, and setting up reliable catering is a big part of that. Give our catering specialist a call or place your order online!

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